BobM Basement, a Two-channel Audio System by BobM

Room Size
23' x 18' x 8'
System Overview
very natural timbre, good tonality, excellent soundstaging and imaging after installing some room treatments
Music Preferences
Jazz, rock, blues, some assorted classical
Room Description
1/2 of the basement, now dedicated to audio (finally my own place)
Acoustic Treatment
GIK panels and some DIY tube traps
Media Storage
Ikea metal racks for the records and some Ikea wood CD racks
Digital Source
Ayre CX7e-MP CD player
Analog Source
Custom made VPI Aries (Moerch DP6 tonearm, Transfiguration Temper cartridge) Hagerman Trumpet phono stage, Piccolo step-up
Other Sources
Teac 2340SX reel-to-reel
Audio Prism Mantissa (retubed w/ NOS and modded with teflon caps)
Power Amp
McCormack DNA 500
Apogee Caliper (rebuilt crossovers)
Rel Strata III
Speaker Cable
DIY Jon Risch 89259 cross connect
Analysis Plus solid crystal oval
Power Cables
Kaplan Cables and Triode Wire Labs
Sennheiser HD 600 with a Peter Millet Mini Max head amp
DIY seismic sink racks
Power Cond
DIY Hydra clone
Tuning and Tweaks
various vibration dampening and isolation, Mi-Rollers, Maple butcher block shelving