Dispersion - How big should the sweet spot be?

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Dispersion - How big should the sweet spot be?
« on: 10 Apr 2013, 03:04 pm »

(I re-posted this question here in the Open Baffle Speakers forum, from the planar forum, because I've read some very knowledgeable folks post here  :wink:

How big should the sweet spot be?

This question crossed my mind wrt to the ER Audio Mini_Panels", ESLs for c 300 - 20,000 Hz.
Only W*H*D in 168 * 440* 8 mm, ie c  6.7 * 17 * 0.3 inches.

With a – 3 dB angle of vertical dispersion of  +/ - 15 degrees
Ie very limited, but I would have thought in the first instance, enough for a seated solo listener?

Narrow dispersion would not suit speakers in eg the kitchen, where we walk around - but be fine for great clarity in home theatre/ TV, unless you are prone to jumping from yours seat in the exciting bits of a film, or when your team is pulling ahead in tight game of your favourite sport . . and fine for listening critically in one sweet spot

How big should the sweet spot be?

an older audio engineer said to me today that even when seated, “wide dispersion in both directions sounds "better" than narrow.  This seems to be a pretty common opinion”

While I as the partly read enthusiast think that a bigger dispersion would increase reflections and room effects generally. I would have thought that bigger dispersion is more often a dis-advantage.

What is right?