Advice on subwoofer setup for NuPrime DAC10H and NuForce Ref9v3SE combination

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Hi All,

I am brand new to the forum and brand new to NuPrime/NuForce projects.  I've never tried to add a sub to a 2 channel system previously.  I usually only connect it through my receiver for the .1 channel.

Can you provide some advice on the best way to setup a subwoofer primarily for 2 channel listening but also for Home Theatre. 

I have a Canton AS2 subwoofer with L/R Line Level in/Outs and L/R Speaker In/Outs.  I've like to use this to match up with some Wilson Bensech Arcs.  The NuPrime/NuForce makes these speakers really sing in upper and mids and gives very punchy bass, but I'm looking to add the sub to supplement the lower end.

I  have searched through all the posts of the the NuPrime forum but still have some confusion as to how best set this up.

I have read that there can been dangers in connecting the NuForce to the speaker inputs on the sub (issue with Class D amps and some subwoofers not supporting them.  Unfortunately the sub is 10 years old and no longer in production so I may have difficulties gettign answers on compatibility from Canton).  I have tried taking L/R Lineouts from the DAC10H to the sub L/R ins and setting the crossover to 120 and the level to full and playing some low bass material but only got muffled low volume output from the sub.  So I'm a little confused.

1) The NuPrime manual merely mentions that the RCA outs are "sub compatible" but no instructions.  Do I need to change a setting somewhere in the DAC10H for the voltage output from the RCA outs to improve the signal?

2) If I use the LineOuts from the DAC10H in the L/R input of the sub then does this stop me from connecting the sub to my Home Theatre receiver to get the .1 signal for Home theatre. 

Is it a "dumb" theory that I could perhaps use a Y cable to take the L/R channel output from the RCA's of the DAC10 into say the Left channel of the subwoofer and then connect the .1 channel from my AV receiver into the right channel of the sub.

Apologies in advance if these seem like "newbie" question... any assistance you can provide in clearing this up would be much appreciated.

Cheers and thanks



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Setting up a sub for 2 channels is too easy may be that's why it wasn't mentioned anywhere.
Just connect the extra line out from DAC-10H (either RCA or XLR) to your sub. Then adjust your sub's cut off freq and volume to get the best result.

Oh well, if you want to use the sub for home theatre and 2 channels, that will be tricky. The sub channel from movie is encoded with other surround channels so it is only available in the sub out from home theatre.
I don't think this is possible. You have to get another sub.

By the way, I never like the extra bass from sub anyway, always seems out of sync with music. Better to get a good main speaker.