Outstanding in My Field, a Two-channel Audio System by dcktr

Room Size
17 x 11 x 10 foot ceilings
System Overview
Made some recent changes.
Music Preferences
Cowboy Junkies, Richard Thompson, Glen Hansford, Zola Jesus,
Acoustic Treatment
Don't need it with Soundfield Speakers speakers
Listening Impressions
The Soundfield Audio speakers are excellent in my listening space. Spot on imaging and true to the source. Able to listen at low level and crank it up without any fatigue or loss of fidelity.
Digital Source
Salk Sound Stream Player - Roon and Tidal Holo Audio Spring DAC Kitsune Tuned Green Label
Analog Source
VPI Scoutmaster Denon DL-103MC PH16 phono preamp from tubes4hifi kit
Other Sources
oppo 103D
Signal Processors
Space-Tech Audio Tube Buffer 103-STR
Anthem AVM60
Power Amp
NCore for surrounds
Soundfield Audio CT1A and Center Channel
Power Cables
DIY Helix Image Power cable
Custom isolation rack
Power Cond
PI audio Uberbuss and Digibuss
Other Components
2008 Mac mini