Main Music System (No longer in existence), a Two-channel Audio System by JakeJ

My Main 2-channel system as of July sixth 2010.
Room Size
18' x 15' x 7'8 short wall orientation. Master Set placement.
System Overview
This is my main system with an emphasis on LP playback. Digital has taken a giant leap forward with the acquisition of a new DAC. Update 7.21.2016.
Music Preferences
Classical, jazz, rock/prog rock, world beat, bluegrass, and country swing.
Room Description
The dreaded "L" upstairs, but in the basement is a 23' x 18' space just waiting for me to remodel.
Acoustic Treatment
RealTraps Mondo & Mini traps, Acoustica Applicata DAADs.
Listening Impressions
Wonderfully neutral and well balanced. Imaging has improved even further with the VAC amps. Much more open and transparent compared to the modded Dynas. The system has stepped into a new league.
Media Storage
Ikea Expedit shelving.
Other Comments
I am primarily focused on collecting more music now and am much less concerned with the equipment. BWA HA HA HA, no I'm not, I'm a damn gear slut. Actually I haven't been focused on gear for the past couple of years but an opportunity knocks and I am compelled to pursue.
Digital Source
Metrum HEX DAC fed by one of three sources - CEC TL-51X transport, Mac Mini Music server, or...
Analog Source
SOTA Sapphire/SME M2-9/Lyra Lydian Beta or Dynavector 17D3. Sumiko Blackbird in the wings.
VAC CPA-1 MkII with full blown VAC upgrades under the hood.
Power Amp
VAC PA-160 160 Watt Tube Mono Amps. These also have the VAC upgrades.
Genesis 501i (crossover and cabinet upgrades make them equal to the 5.2).
Speaker Cable
Cardas Golden Cross.
Cardas Golden Cross, Analysis Plus Silver Oval, Pure Silver Sound.
Power Cables
Audio Magic Sorcerer & Silver Matrix, LAT International AC-2.
Contours. My rack situation is in dire need of upgrades.
Power Cond
Audio Magic Stealth XXX.
Tuning and Tweaks
Herbie's Tenderfeet & Tube Dampers, Audio Magic Pulse Gen & Speaker Clarifiers, Goldpoints, Maple Platform, brass cones, etc.
Other Components
Due to rack limitations no other sources in place at this time.