Thumbnail for Woofer and mid/tweeter sections are physically separate. Sensitivity is up there with most horn speakers!
Thumbnail for If you have to ask how much these cost, you cannot afford them. I've offered to quit my job and be his exclusive USA dealer if he sends me free demo stock! Good thing is that Graz has promised trickle down technology in more accessible models in the fut
Thumbnail for The Perigee
Thumbnail for A refurbished Apogee Full Range. Must be tri-amped. Midrange ribbon impedance is a near short circuit at 0.2 ohms. Bring on the arc welder !

A Studio Grand is in the background.
Thumbnail for Apogee Grands in piano black. THUD... that is the sound of my jaw hitting the keyboard when I saw this setup.
Thumbnail for Apogee Grands as home theater fronts.
Thumbnail for Analysis Audio Amphitryon. From Greece, fairly reasonably priced and now available in the USA.
Thumbnail for Subwoofer bases designed by Dan D'Agostino, using two servo-controlled 12
Thumbnail for Gerren Hopkin's listening room in Barbados. Hmmm... a house in the Caribbean with a Martin Logan Statement E2 system. A dream come true.
Thumbnail for This is what happens when you allow a dealer to do install your home theater without any guidance. Just bring the gear and write a check! Notice all the nice Audio Research tube gear placed in non-ventilated racks. And what on earth is a Descent subwoo
Thumbnail for Statement E2, installed in a small room in Germany with Accuphase electronics. Speakers are huge and heavy but absolutely do NOT require a huge room as commonly thought.
Thumbnail for Gayle Sanders' basement home theater. Although I'm not a huge fan of the smaller Martin Logan speakers, the E2 is a different beast and may be the perfect speaker -- electrostatic panel operating seamlessly from 200hz up, 7
Thumbnail for Amphitryons in the home of the current Analysis Audio owner.
Thumbnail for Tasos Hartkis, owner of Analysis Audio, posing with his flagship Amphitryon. He's not a dwarf, those speakers are 7' tall !
Thumbnail for Holy crap! The Genesis I.I
Thumbnail for Nola-2-sm
Thumbnail for Nola-0-sm
Thumbnail for 574 G
Thumbnail for alon
Thumbnail for exoticagr
Thumbnail for exoticagr 4view