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My stereo system (now upgraded): Amplifier: Bryston 4B. Preamplifier: Bryston BP26DA. CD player: NAD silverline 500i. Speakers: Tannoy Eyris DC3. Turntable: Thorens TD2030. Phono preamp: Musical Surroundings Phonomena. Cartridge: Benz Micro Ace L. Interconects: Ecosse maestro unbalanced, audioquest diamonbacks, audioquest Panther, VDH. Speaker wires: audioquest mammoth. My HT system: Projector: Panasonic PT700U Multichannel processor: Arcam AVP700 DVD: NAD T534 Amplifiers: Norh Le amp, Samson (rears) Stereo setup (connected to the front output of the arcam): Bryston BP26DA, Bryston 4B NRB THX CD player used as a transport: Arcam CD73T Speakers, Front, center and rears: Polk Lsi9, Jamo classic, Quad. Cables: Balanced ecosse revelation and audioquest phyton, unbalanced diammondbacks. Speaker cables: Audioquest Type 8. Second stereo system: Integrated amplifier: Linn Majik Cd player: Philips 963 SACD DVD player Speakers: Epos M12.2 Cables: VDH CS122, diammondbacks
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