SOLD: Pair of White Simulated Marble Norh Mini 9s $600 plus shipping

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SOLD  I am dismantling my bedroom HT and selling my mini 9s.  These sold for $1,500 back in the day.  They were built by Norh in Thailand with the Scanspeak Revelator 9700 tweeter and the Scanspeak Revelator 15W/8530-K00 woofer.  Pickup in the L.A. area would be great.  Ships from 91364.  They weigh over 30 pounds each, and most people will assume they are real marble.  Original boxes and custom foam packing from Norh.

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HI, what is the different this between maple 9?
Im interested to get one can you mail me for the deal?


Sorry for the delay.  I have been out of town the last few days.  The maple 9s and simulated marble mini 9s like the ones I have for sale both have the same drivers (speakers).  I have heard that the simulated marble, because it is very heavy and dense, tends to be free of harmonic peaks and valleys when compared to the wooden speakers.  The mini 9s are smaller than the 9s, but still quite large. I have sent you and private message.  Thank you very much for your inquiry.


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Note that the main difference between the full size 9.0 and mini 9.0 is in the tweeter (beside the cabinet size).  The full size 9.0 has the 9900 tweeter where as the mini 9.0 has the 9700 tweeter.


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Are the Mini 9's still for sale?  I have the chance to get a pair of synthetic marble 6.9's in my hometown for $500 (no shipping is great) but they don't have grills and someone painted the outer rim and the leather baffle white.  Looks awful and want to ask an estimate for shipping to Madison, WI 53703.  I am not just kicking the tires!

Kevin K


I went back and looked, and you are correct according to the old mini 9 documentation "The mini 9.0s use the same woofer as its larger brother. Instead of the 9900 tweeter with its large faceplate, we are using the 9700 that is electronically identical. "


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The two should sound very familiar since the 9900 tweeter is basically a 9700 with the kinda wave guide face plate. 

I really wish your pair is in black color because I can buy them and use one as center channel for my pair of marble 9.0.  It is a smoking deal for someone who like white marble.  My wife would not let me mix them and a marble 9.0 is simply too large and too heavy to place in the center :-(.


@ leecc73 I have sent you a return PM.  Let me know if you are still interested.  Thank you!


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Not sure you can send a pm to leecc73 since he only has 1 post. These rules were put in place to prevent folks from not participating just using the forum for spamming, scamming, etc. Maybe the rules have changed?

I believe the drivers are the same as for the the old Nohr 7.0's.

The smaller cabinet size will raise the lower bass limit of the speaker compared to the full size 9.0s/7.0s. Otherwise all the benefits in a smaller package, great for HT, bookshelf or a system with a subwoofer.