Battery powered Two, WOW !

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Re: Battery powered Two, WOW !
« Reply #60 on: 30 Apr 2010, 08:19 pm »
Oh no! I'm running my DAC with a 12V car battery! But my truck runs fine.  :P


Re: Battery powered Two, WOW !
« Reply #61 on: 3 May 2010, 05:08 am »
There's to much emphasis on these batteries. Hook em up and keep em charged. And love the sound it can produce. When they don't work anymore, buy some new ones and start over. I'm glad I don't think about my car battery as much as these audio batteries. I couldn't go anywhere.

Yes, it should be straightforward but it's also pretty easy to drastically reduce battery lifespan by letting them discharge too much.

If, after 3 or 4 months the batteries no longer are able to power the same load for the originial 12 hours.......

If this has happened it's a simple indication that the batteries have been allowed to discharge too deeply, too often. If you can keep your discharges to no lower than 70% [of full charge]  battery life will be greatly extended, as shown on cynan's graph. What you can also see, is that extension of life is nearly exponential, so if you can limit the discharge to 80%, you'll get significantly better results than 70%.

Bigger batteries = less % discharge for a given amount of use, so you should be able to choose a battery size to suit your usage.

I'm using a 25 year old set of ex-Telco batteries to power my house but I very rarely go below 85% discharge and they are in use every day of the week.



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Re: Battery powered Two, WOW !
« Reply #62 on: 5 May 2010, 04:14 pm »
I had zmanastronomy make a battery kit for my Virtue 2.0  Got it set up
and what a difference, clearer, much better detail and soundstage. Would recommend, he did a great job and was more than eagar to answer all my questions. Thanks


Re: Battery powered Two, WOW !
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How would you rate (if possible) the AC at your place? I live in a new building and all my gear is plugged into a single 20amp circuit. I assume a proper job was done with the wiring. I'm wondering how much improvement I'd hear over the power supply for my 901. Thanks.

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Re: Battery powered Two, WOW !
« Reply #64 on: 8 May 2010, 05:20 pm »

would you happen to know how much amps the TWO pulls, say at regular listening levels (80'ish dB)? ... by using something like a kill-a-watt meter? maybe seth can pipe in  :eyebrows:

what I would like to figure out is how long the 2 units of 8ah batt's last you (2,3 4 hours) ... well you are prob. aware you shouldnt wear them down below 50% of their capacity (iow you shouldnt take out more than 4ah before charging them again)

so 4 ah x 25v (12.5v times 2) = 100watt hours (which means you could run it one hour at 100w, or 2 hrs of 50w )

I have a pair of 7.2ah batteries on my One.2 and get over 8 hours at normal listening levels.
with my Sensation I still get around 8 hours even when watching movies at ridiculously loud levels, and my speakers are power hogs to boot


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Re: Battery powered Two, WOW !
« Reply #65 on: 9 May 2010, 04:12 am »
I just learned that the ABT/Shenzhen supply from Powerstream is good for European voltage as well even if it doesn't have a European plug.  Gary Dodd has offered to make for us a cheaper battery power supply using it.  It should be more product-ish than kit-ish (ie. cats won't risk electrocution) and we should have some to show off at Lone Star next weekend.  We'll do 5aH and 7aH versions ($129/$149).