ONE.2 listening impressions

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Re: ONE.2 listening impressions
« Reply #20 on: 29 Mar 2010, 06:30 pm »

That is great praise as I have been looking at an Atma-Sphere amp but don't want the heat and all the tubes.

Which Virtue amp are you using and what speakers?

My concern is driving my big floorstanders and having enough power.  I don't listen at ridiculous levels but my speakers are like Wilson watt/puppy or Revel Studio in configuration and are primarily 4ohm and 87db sensitivity.

Virtue Seth - please chime too if you have a comment.

I'm guessing, if it would even work, that I would need an M901 with the 10A power supply??


Re: ONE.2 listening impressions
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All of the Virtue amps are rated at 87 wpc using the 10A linear supplies, so you don't have to go with the M901 if you don't want to. The Revel Studios don't say anything about a minimum required amp power, but the Wilson Watt/Puppies say 20 watts, enough though their stated sensitivity is considerably higher, at 91 dB. Obviously, there are other factors to take into account, like room size, etc., but my guess is any of the Virtue amps would be able to drive your speakers to satisfactory levels or beyond. Plus, as has already been mentioned, you do have 30 days to try it out. Cheers. :D


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I just have the stock power supply on the One.2 and been listening to Pink Floyd at fairly high levels, when my wife is not around. I am using the Gallo Stradas at 87db efficiency. I will get some pics up if I can figure it out. The amp is not broke in, the speakers have only about 50 hours so they are not broke in, and I have that musical magic with detail that many systems approaching $100,000 do not have. I have less than $3500 in mine. I might get a Sensation since Seth says it is better, and it has a remote to boot. I might also order a Virtue Piano and see how much that adds, I am just using a LG BD-390 Blu Ray at the moment. My friend keeps trying to get me to load my CD's on the computer but I do not have time.

And at the moment, I have no subwoofer hooked up. This bass is just unreal. I bought a Gallo sub and it has never been out of the box. :duh:


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I find it absolutely amazing that people who were considering very expensive amplifiers are flocking to see what the buzz is about this little company called Virtue. But make no mistake, every one of the Virtue amps make music.


If I remember correctly, that Sony ES line of speakers were power sponges- they really liked power to make them come alive. I would consider a One.2 and a 130w smps, then upgrade to a 10 amp power supply or batteries if you want even more. The sensitivity of your speakers is around average at 87dB, but the high current supplies will give you added bass punch, control, and dynamics, and more.



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That's correct - the Sony SS M9ED speakers are what I have and they do like power.


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The above cd made me think of another Q sound cd Roger Waters Amused to death...

I am listening to the, Roger Waters, CD right now. WOW!!! There seems to be something to this Q-Sound stuff! The sound is amazing! I just wish I liked Roger Waters music.

Fever Ray is more my style :)