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Re: Product Inquiries
« Reply #60 on: 16 May 2017, 09:53 pm »
Just wanted to follow up on my own question for progeny.

After some more measuring, I went ahead and purchased the 4.5mm mat for my Dual 1229 and use it without the original rubber mat. It runs a AT15SS cartridge, with the original beryllium cantilever super shibata stylus assembly, into a McIntosh MA6200. I am a mechanical engineer, and my equipment was restored by me, well set up and with all functions performing to the original specification. After using the mat exclusively for about a month, I went back and A/B tested with the original rubber mat, with Bobby Hutcherson's 1971 album "Head On".

The difference was immediate. Herbie's mat does a great job dampening the resonance of the platter, resulting in a much cleaner presentation of the vibraphone. With the stock mat, some of the notes would bloom. Herbie's mat eliminated this distortion. The well-recorded double bass also benefited from this effect.

Noise floor is lowered as well, and the well-recorded percussion is the greatest benefactor. Recorded ambience is more noticeable. Each note gained tactility and the soundstage is more focused and wider. Rumble is now well below the baked-in rumble in the recordings. I feel like I'm getting close to belt-drive clarity while retaining the idler slam. This is confirmed by my hi-fi test record.

All in all, I am happy with my purchase. I was skeptical but the improvements are clear, and I'm getting more out of a great cartridge while satisfactorily addressing some of the weaknesses of my turntable.


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Re: Product Inquiries
« Reply #61 on: 21 Jan 2018, 12:17 am »
I have Omega 3XRS speakers that are tilted up on my carpet with a single front center spike. The rear of my speaker rests on the carpet. The challenge is that this creates tip over instability. Do you have a product that I can attach to the rear corners of my speakers to increase stability on my carpet? Thank you


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Re: Product Inquiries
« Reply #62 on: 7 Nov 2018, 07:54 pm »
Can you tell me what might be the effect of a Mini-Halo on my SME3009 S2 (unimproved) tonearm versus the pillar-mounted oil-filled trough and paddle suspended from the tonearm itself?  It is a TD124 II.  Both are damping methods, but perhaps the very costly trough and paddle dampens the whole arm while the
 Halo might quiet vibrations from the stylus?   Thank you!  Bob