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« on: 11 Jan 2022, 04:29 pm »
Welcome to the Digital Amplifier Company Owner's Circle.

Although it won't be the same without the input of Tommy O'Brien, the man behind The Digital Amplifier Company,
this is a space for those touched by him and his extraordinary equipment.

- Encourage each other to use and appreciate their DAC gear with tips and experiences
- Help new users get the best of their DAC equipment by sharing system configuration and matching
- Report on your latest listening comparisons, revelations and system changes
- Keep the kind thoughts coming to Tommy and his family
- Any other topic of interest to users

Please keep all posts well within forum guidelines, thank you.



Re: Welcome
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Thank you Mike for stepping up to take this on - continued dialog re: DAC products and experiences is important.

I for one, really appreciate it.


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Re: Welcome
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That's really good of you to do this.
Thank you.


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Re: Welcome
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Hello, All:

Yes, Mike, thank you for stepping in to take the helm of this circle (after the sad departing of Tommy).   :D  :cry:

I'll start by asking if any of you have pictures of the internals of your DAC amps. (Not the DAC DACs.) The pictures/photos of the ones on the Internet/Web and the DAC site (if still up) do not provide a clear close-up of the internals (mostly from a side view plus those of the front and the back) and therefore do not provide clues as to the various iterations of the DAC amps. Some if the earlier ones utilized the toroidal transformer and the later ones the switching power supply. There was also a change to the 'Power pipes' during the testing/manufacturing phase(s).

The one in my system it the 2-Cherry with the switching power supply and the power pipes. Am interested in seeing and determining the values of the toroidal ones and power supply boards. The one mod done to mine was to relace the Dayton(?) binding posts with Vampire duals (because the Daytons weren't grasping/locking the speaker cables' spades well, i.e., the post was too large for the spades and only one side/tongue of the spade was inserted through the post hole and that the Daytons having tines (is that the right word) tended to gouge the spade tongue when tightened).   :scratch:

Thanks and hope to hear from all you DAC amp enthusiasts.   :thumb:


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Re: Welcome
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Re: Welcome
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Thanks Mike for facilitating this Circle.
I never owned DAC gear, but I enjoyed the opportunity to borrow a Cherry stereo amp once and I admired Tommy's professionalism and creativity.  And I like to read your posts too!  :thumb:


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Re: Welcome
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DAC The Company
« Reply #7 on: 9 Feb 2022, 06:07 pm »
Does anyone know what's to become of DAC the company, the product line, work in progress, etc?


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Re: Welcome
« Reply #8 on: 9 Feb 2022, 08:39 pm »
Thank you, Mr. Mike, for continuing this thread.  As a diehard Cherry owner, 1 Megaschino, 2 Maraschinos and 1 Desk Top unit, I am very interested if anyone or company has stepped in to purchase and take over the DAC company.  I am interested in who can perform repairs.  One of my Maraschinos has failed-warranty or no warranty is not an issue-just competent repairs.  Hopefully schematics can be found to help with repairs.  Is the remaining inventory still for sale?  Thank you again Mike for stepping up.



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Re: Welcome
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Thank you Mike for stepping up to take this on. I am so glad we have a place to go to talk about these fine amps. I have 11 channels of Cherry Amps. Need two more.  :o I am wanting to buy one more pair of Maraschino In lines in black. I am going to diy some active three way speakers and need another pair. I don't really want the red but will buy them if a good price.