Hello from the Netherlands

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Hello from the Netherlands
« on: 7 Feb 2023, 07:31 pm »
Hi all,

My name is Erwin and I, like all of you, are in search of audio-nirvana.
However, currently I have a bit of a mismatched system going on.
I like my Usher mini dancer DMD's, and love the natural sound provided by the Symphonic Line RG14 Editiion, but the combination lacks a little musicality.
Mostly stream using a Linn streamer. Bought new and regretted ever since  :? now connected to Rega DAC-R
For cabling I'm using Audience Au24 speaker and interlinks and sometimes I switch to Acoustic Zen. Power cables are Shunyata

Looking forward to learning from the communities experience with component synergy/combinations upgrades etc.

Phil A

Re: Hello from the Netherlands
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Welcome to AC!


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Re: Hello from the Netherlands
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Welcome to AC  :thumb:


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Re: Hello from the Netherlands
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Greetings & Welkom to AC Erwin   :thumb: