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« on: 4 May 2021, 12:18 am »
Not just new to this forum, but I'm now the owner of a new Bryston 4B3.

I'm very appreciative of the information on this forum, as it has been very helpful in validating my decision to go with Bryston.  My other amp is a Sonic Frontiers SFS-80 (which I'm keeping), but I have to admit the 4B3 outperforms it in pretty much every way possible.  I'm using a NAD C658 as the source, and I can choose between Paradigm Prestige 75F's, Mirage M-5si's, and ADS L-810's for speakers (for now).

I ordered the amp on April 17th and received it April 29th, which is about a month sooner than anticipated.  Hat's off to all those at the mothership that made that possible.

James and Ross at Absolute Audio here in Calgary have been excellent to work with, and I'm looking forward working with them in the coming months.


James Tanner

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Re: Intro
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Welcome to the Bryston family Stovebolter - ENJOY



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Re: Intro
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Welcome and Congratulations Stovebolter,
      My decision to purchase the 4B3 was the singular best purchase I ever made. Never once have I had an ounce of buyers remorse.
I do not want to name brands but an audiophile society did an extensive trial of amplifiers led by a member wanting to drive his Everest Speakers...(A cost too breathtaking for me to consider), They all came to the same conclusion and the owner purchased a 4B3.  Speaks Volumes regarding Bryston Quality. Cheers.