Music/HT, a Integrated A/V System by rblnr

R Learner 2 - channel/HT - 2 x VMPS RM40s, 1 VMPS LRC, 4 x Carver CRM2s for surround, 2 X JL Audio f113 subs, 5 channels Llano Trinity tube/ss hybrid amplification, Onkyo 9.8 processor, Theta Casablanca III processor and Six Shooter analog preamp, Audio Aero Prima DAC mkII, Panasonic BDP 30 bluray, Oppo 980 DVD/audio transport, Squeezebox, VPI Scoutmaster w/Dynavector 20X cartridge, JVC RS2 PJ, Stewart Studiotek 110" screen. Walls are double are tripled layered, bonded by green glue.
Room Size
12.5 x 27 w/alcove
System Overview
Within some spatial/structural/financial limitations, got to build this room pretty much exactly as I wanted. Love this cave and its acoustically isolated enough so that I can crank at night w/o waking anybody.
Music Preferences
Room Description
Acoustic Treatment
panels and bass traps, multi-layer drywall w/green glue bonding
Digital Source
Squeezebox, Oppo BDP 83
Analog Source
Hanss T-20 TT w/Dynavector XX2 mkII cart. and Dyn. preamp
Signal Processors
Onkyo 9.8 HT processor, Audio Aero Prima DAC mkII for music, Theta Casablanca III for both
Theta Six Shooter
Power Amp
2 Audio Research 210 monos, 3 channel Llano Trinity dual mono tube/ss hybrid
VMPS RM40 mains, LRC center. 4x Sunfire CRM2 surrounds
2 JL F113 sub
Speaker Cable
Supra Sword
Canare, Outlaw, Meridian supplied dig. cable, Blue Jeans XLR, Nordost Solar Wind XLR
Power Cables
Signal cable
Grado S60
Power Cond
Shunyata Hydra 8
Other Components
JVC RS2 PJ w/Stewart screen