Some cables on clearance sale

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Some cables on clearance sale
« on: 6 Feb 2023, 06:03 pm »
I have 4 Empirical Audio cables available, all spares, all pairs:

Holophonic RCA 1m - $350.00 (was $800)
Holophonic RCA 0.5m - $200 (was $450)
Holophonic XLR 1m - $600.00 (Was $1K) SOLD
Holophonic RCA 1m with new jacketing - $500.00 (was $1K)

These are all bare 5N silver cables with very low capacitance per foot (3.8pF).  Ideal for DAC to AMP applications.
Silver is treated so it's not harsh sounding.  Terminated with pure solid silver RCA bullet plugs.
Listed in Stereophile recommended components for years. These were never discounted before for 20 years.

Clarity7 speaker cable with direct gold-plated copper spades on all ends - 10 feet - $800 (was $1500)SOLD
This speaker cable is silver-plated copper and very low inductance.  11 gauge equiv.

PM me if interested or make offers.  You can also send email to  Shipping additional.  30-day money-back guarantee.

Steve N.
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Re: Some cables on clearance sale
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Prices lowered for quick sale.


Re: Some cables on clearance sale
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Added .05m pair RCA's.