Office Listening Room, a Two-channel Audio System by firedog

Room Size
176 sq ft (16 sq m) rectangle; speakers on far short wall
System Overview
System (in small home office): ifi AC purifiers>Isol-8 Minisub Axis Conditioning/Protection>QuietPC Fanless Server>Audiolense DRC>Stack Audio LinkII>Kii Control>Kii Three> Secondary setup and analog input:Server>Raspberry Pi>Kii Three. Analog: Matrix Element i>Kii Three. Also ifi Nano One Dac. Also an SBT and a RB Pi 3B+ running piCorePlayer as an SBT emulator.
Music Preferences
all types - mostly classic rock and jazz; and later classical; some world; some avant garde weird stuff; some modern rock/pop/hip-hop
Room Description
Small home office. I sit about 9 ft from speakers, but up against back wall. Speakers are about 2.5 feet from side and front walls.
Acoustic Treatment
Wall opposite speakers has GIK panels to prevent echo/bounce back in small room. In previous system had full set of acoustic treatments. Sounded echoey and unfocused before adding acoustic treatments; acoustic treatments were the best investment I ever made in audio and the most cost effective. Unless you have a perfect room and setup, you should at least have bass traps - that alone will improve the overall sound of just about any system/room - not just the bass. A small investment in acoustic treatments is more effective than expensive equipment upgrades. Tried DSP solutions like TACT and Lyngdorf, they were good, but the room treatments are good and cheaper.
Listening Impressions
The Kii are an amazing system. Mostly eliminate room effects. I can listen to a Mahler symphony played loudly with full frequency extension on both ends and good soundstage width and depth. Amazing, almost lifelike dynamics. I now use DRC to eliminate a room node. It's the final polish on the setup that the Kiis' can't take care of. It's Just a very clear sound with lots of detail. Sounds real, not digital.
Media Storage
internal HDD in my server;multiple backups
Other Comments
Not much to do.