ProCo Rat2 distortion pedal

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ProCo Rat2 distortion pedal
« on: 18 Sep 2019, 11:09 pm »
I've never been much of a high gain player. Most of the stuff I improvise is more sorta ambient, maybe even prog. with amp clean or 'edge of breakup' But I do like classic rock and punk. (first song I ever learned was Green Day's "Boulevard") and for that sorta stuff......ya gotta have crunchy distortion. I have a single channel amp so gotta use a pedal. My Fulldrive2 OD did not really give the true distorted sound. So on a whim I bought a Rat2. as it is affordable at $70 new. I had read that it is less muddy than a Big Muff.

I just got it and's freakin awesome. Yeah, it's hard clip distortion but not the least bit edgy and notes are still articulate and it has that classic rock sound in spades. You can sustain single notes for days with the gain cranked.

BTW, when I first started buying pedals I would try to go used, but most of them sell for only $10 to $20 less than new. So now I just get from Sweetwater, have new with warranty, give business to a smallish midwestern company, can also get supplies like strings, cables etc and it arrives in 2 days with free shipping.

Rock on good people.  8)