BOSS Waza Craft

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BOSS Waza Craft
« on: 17 Aug 2019, 01:10 am »
I'm a Boss fan. Theymake good stuff, for the money. They recently came out with this Waza Craft line, which is their answer to the 'boutique' builders.  I wanted an old school BB analog delay....I just love that sound. Thought I'd get the MXR Carbon Copy, but on. whim, I ordered the DM-2w. This is a reissue of a highly sought after classic pedal.

Ok, it comes in this black vinyl covered box, rather than std. cardboard. The pedal is quite hefty. Feels like a solid chunk of metal. The case work seems more refined. It is made in Japan, not China.

But how does it sound?

Using in the FX loop of my Mesa Subway Blues, it adds no color or distortion, only old school analog delay.It also has a 'custom' switch that allows up to 800ms of delay, which is cleaner, but still analog sounding. And for you gear nerds, it has a direct out in addition to processed signal allowing 'wet/dry' setups. It also has an expression pedal input to control delay time.

I think Roland/Boss has knocked it out of the park. I'm gonna take to a pro player friend of mine who uses Strymon and do a shootout. I honestly think this will hold it's own......for $150.

If I could own one pedal....this would be it.

I'm really temped to try one of the Waza boost/OD pedals.

Don't listen to anyone on the internet. Try it yourself. Most good dealers like Sweetwater, will take back stuff within 30 days.


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Re: BOSS Waza Craft
« Reply #1 on: 17 Aug 2019, 01:37 am »
My guitarist had a Morley wah wah, when I was a roadie :lol:
I have a Boss tuner (big box).