What unknown 'gem' speakers, cheap, have you met over the years?

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My first 'real' speakers I owned were B&W DM220s.  Bought them around 1990, $450 brand new from an audio store.  I still can't believe what a bargain they were and how great they sounded.

I ended up downsizing and gave them to my best friends adult son about 15 years ago after I bought my B&W 805 Nautilus speakers.  As far as I know he still has them.


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Over the years I already listened some famous speakers in friends rooms, the only speaker that I missing are the big Polks SDA, big soundstage and nice midrange.


I never discovered a truly cheap speaker that really worked for me, but Spica TC50 or 60, ADS L400, L500, Harbeth HL are quite good, if not cheap in their day. Dahlquist M903, 905, 907, etc. are worth a listen. Any of these can be real bargains, depending on operating condition.
Some classics were quite good, such as L166, L96, L220, 300s, ADS L1090-1590 (especially 1590!) are great to hear, but often not cheap enough to compete favorably with better designs of today.