Bedroom System Polk TL-1 / Athena AS-B1 hybrid, a Two-channel Audio System by

Little Darth Speakers
Room Size
System Overview
A chimera speaker combining Athena AS-B1 bookshelf speakers with Polk TL-1 satellite speakers. Fully active crossover on unmodified Behringer DCX2496. Old Sony 7.1 receiver for amplification. Used for music, video gaming, Youtube.
Music Preferences
Classical, Jazz, Electronic, Video Game Soundtracks
Room Description
Small bedroom with acoustic treatments
Acoustic Treatment
10 3"x15"x47" mineral wool boards wrapped in cotton batting. 4 2'x4' 3" fiberglass panels in wooden frames.
Listening Impressions
Surprising bass extension and impact from the little bookshelf speakers that are just barely off the floor. The Polk TL-1s provide clear, open, sweet highs. For a small room they put out plenty of sound power.
Other Comments
This is an experiment in wide dispersion sound, quite the opposite of my other system with its Big Horn speakers. Both are excellent sounding. Wide dispersion for a well damped room, narrower for a bright and splashy room.
Digital Source
Macbook pro via optical cable or bluetooth, Nintendo Switch via optical cable
Analog Source
Signal Processors
Unmodified Behringer DCX2496
Old Sony 7.1 receiver
Power Amp
Old Sony 7.1 receiver
Polk TL-1 down to 500hz, Athena AS-B1 to 40Hz
No subwoofer yet. I'm thinking about it...
Speaker Cable
XLR to RCA cables
Power Cables
none. Stuff sits on the floor.
Power Cond
Tuning and Tweaks
Passive crossovers in both speakers have been bypassed.