Long gone - Tony's 2 channel system as of 8/2016 , a Two-channel Audio System by tdangelo

current system as of 3/2014
Room Size
15.5'x36'x14' open in the back to the kitchen etc..
System Overview
nice, lush, soothing sound with proper staging
Music Preferences
jazz, progressive rock/folk, vocal jazz etc..
Room Description
Lots of light :)
Acoustic Treatment
GIK, 8th Nerve, ATS, PrimeAcoustic
Media Storage
external SanDigital 32TB ESATA - all FLAC or DSF
Other Comments
Update: Win 10, Roonserver, HQPlayer transcoding everything to DSD128, Sonore MicroRendu using sOTM SPS1000 power supply, Bluejeans ethernet cable ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Win 8.1 using JRiver/Jplay, Paul Pang V2 USB card powered by an sOTM SPS1000 PS, TotalDac USB cable SOLD: CAPS 3 Carbon PC running WS 2012 in core mode using a dual control/audio PC setup with JPlay and Audiophile Optimizer - SOTM USB card using Paul Pang Red USB cable - CAPS/SOtM USB card being fed power from a SOtM sPS-1000 Audiophile Linear Multi Rail Power Supply - it feeds DC to the CAPS, SSD drive powered by an Anker battery supply
Digital Source
PS Audio Directstream using Torreys final firmware -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD: Luxman DA-06
Analog Source
SOLD*** Pro-Ject RM10 with Sumiko Celebration Pearwood cartridge - Speedbox II SE
Bewitch 3008 linestage - 10 tubes(300b, 12au7 etc..) all NOS - Audio Magic Super Beeswax fuse. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD: Canary Audio CA-906 double chassis all tube pre upgraded w
Power Amp
KR Audio VA910 monos using KT150 output tubes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Luxman M600-A monos or JM Sound M500 - only 4 pair made by Canary Audio for JM
PBN/BSI Model 4 MK2 with Jantzen Audio Silver Z-Caps - all Scanspeak drivers - Hypex DS8 800w plate builtin power amps for bass
2 JL Audio F112 - not used and in my storage closet
Speaker Cable
HiDiamond D8
HiDiamond D9
Power Cables
Core Power Equipower 50 on Directstream DAC, HiDiamond P3 or Dynamic Design Lotus NE on amps
Core Audio and ASI
Tuning and Tweaks
Maestro power outlets on 3 20 amp dedicated circuits
Other Components
Mapleshade heavy hats/stabilizers, Shakti stone, GIK Tri-corner(6), GIK QRD diffusor - 8th Nerve V2 corners and seams, AST, Primacoustic etc..