parking lot dent: Old school repair or paintless dent repair?

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So a guy backed his SUV into my 2014 Focus ST3 hot Hatch. the first hit in 7.5 years. Aside from my feeling like I just lost a few thousand when the car becomes a classic (due to accident on report) I wonder how to take care of it?
I right off went to a good car repair place but 'old school' The guy starts out with saying cutting the rear quarter off and weld a new one on.. I stopped him right there and said I would rather not get it repaired than butcher the car like that..
The estimate they sent did not include a new quarter (actually I would bet a junkyard quarter painted some other color and welded in.) ...but I am afraid they just will go and do it anyway claiming after starting that it had to be done.
Also I do not believe they can actually really match the paint, it's school bus yellow-orange with metalflake (Tangerine Scream is the color name) in it. and I am betting it would be a miracle if they actually matched the color.(especially the way it looks in sunlight) the color being off is another reason to avoid the old school repair. Plus they said it would take a week. so a car rental would be another cost.

On the other hand I might (I have not gone and asked yet but will Monday or Tuesday) if a paintless dent repair could work.
The reasons I think it might be possible is rear quarter was hit straight in no slide across the metal, the wheel well edge metal is still perfect and true, the dent is from below front of the gas door to rear bumper edge. There is a set of complex curves and a edge along there to get right. The main plus is no repaint. done in a few hours and I could (probably) wait.

So anyone have experience with paintless dent repair?


That sucks.

I have had excellent results with PDR, as long as they can reach behind the damage.

My wife backed up into my Acura several years ago.  Corner of her bumper hit my front left fender between the wheel-well and the door and pushed it in several inches.

After PDR, you couldn't tell it had been damaged.  Unfortunately, my PDR guy passed away shortly thereafter.

Highly recommended.

Best of luck.


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With a photo I could point you in the right direction with a basic understanding of what's required for a proper repair.