Add Power Amp or Integrated Amp with Home Theater Bypass

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In researching Omega Speaker Topics, an amp matching the Omegas can make a big difference. I have the 3i as my front speakers, currently hooked to a Marantz slimline 5.1 Receiver surround setup.  The sound is actually quite good. I'd like a little more presence in the midrange and a wider soundstage.  If I could add an amp to the Marantz preout that would be the easiest. I see used McCormack Micro Power Drives amps available for the same price as a used Integrated amp like Musical Fidelity M2si. My cabinet is tight, so smaller amps is better. I hear McCormack amps have really made a big difference for others.

I've actually done this in the past with my Kef Q100 and LS50 Speakers. I had a higher end Yamaha AV Receiver with a Peachtree Integrated Amp (had tube pre) that had HT bypass and also tried a Rotel Class D Power amp. It seemed to me the Integrated Amp with bypass was better and adding the power amp didn't make a great difference.

It seems like Tube amps like Decware are a good match with Omega.

Would adding a power amp like Decware, Mccormack or Small Class D like Nuforce or Nuprime really help the Marantz? Or is the Marantz's preamp going to be a very weak link?

So, should I get a Integrated with HT Bypass?

Seems like I can get the amps listed above used for $500 or less.

Any helpful input is appreciated.