TS-1's in a Home Theater

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TS-1's in a Home Theater
« on: 13 Mar 2003, 07:39 pm »
Well, I finally got my front projector and fired it up yesterday for the first time. I am only running a stereo setup for the sound at this point. Given that...

I can say that if anyone is concerned about single driver speakers not having enough "oomph" for movies, don't be. I tried out Lord of the Rings, and was blown back in my chair by the dynamics of the TS-1s. I don't  have a sub yet, so of course the low bass isn't up to snuff yet, but in every other way the movie sound of these things is impressive. This is with a 30 watt tube amp.

I also tried The Last Waltz - very nice sound for a 20+ year old movie. The term "envelopement" takes on a new meaning when you have a life-size image of The Band on stage.

My goal was to have a mixed use music/movie system that was truly good for either application. I was already extremely happy with the music performance; it seems the movie sound will be great as well.

Now to add more channels...