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Title: Deep 8 plate amp advice?
Post by: hdrider on 12 Sep 2020, 12:25 am
Happy weekend everyone, I purchased my Omega rig in 2015. Completely happy with the system (Super 7XRS Mk II and Deep 8). I ordered the speakers first, Louis built them and totally loved them (more so after break in) but needed some support on the bottom. Ordered a Deep 8 woofer, received it but since our room is so quiet the low level 60Hz hum was a deal breaker. Called Louis and he swapped out the amp. Silent, no 60 Hz hum. System worked wonderfully since 2015. Now the sub amp has a hum (60 Hz) regardless of volume, x over freq or phase. Using the high level input off my Decware Rachael. I have been through more than a few plate amps in studio monitors, and I know they are not going to last forever.
SO MY QUESTION- someone must have replaced the amp in their Deep 8 with something (better) and what was it?
Looking forward to any and all advice and or comments.
Happy listening, Chris.
Title: Re: Deep 8 plate amp advice?
Post by: hdrider on 19 Oct 2020, 11:55 pm
I contacted Louis regarding the amp in our Deep 8 and I ordered a new unit. It arrived a week later, I installed it and worked perfectly. Louis's customer service and products are top shelf. The new amp/Deep 8 blends better and the system just sounds so amazing. Omega Fan for life. Thank you Louis and happy listening everyone.