New Ultra 4A SE owner

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New Ultra 4A SE owner
« on: 29 Oct 2007, 04:25 pm »
Hi there. As a new owner of a Mapletree preamp, I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Rob and I live on the east side of the San Francisco Bay in Northern California.

I received my brand new Mapletree Ultra 4A SE preamp on Saturday and have it hooked up to my Emotiva RPA-1 amplifier, driving a pair of modified Magnepan MMGs and a pair of AV123 X-sub subwoofers. My sources are a SqueezeBox 3 with a MHDT Paradisea DAC and a Pro-Ject Debut III turntable.


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Re: New Ultra 4A SE owner
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Re: New Ultra 4A SE owner
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Welcome, you will learn to love your mapletree.
When you get the urge try a pair of Sylvania 6sn7GTA's, you will be blown away by what you hear, the stock tubes are good, but you haven't even touched the potential of what that preamp can do, trust me

Call Andy at Vintage Tube Services, he is great.