Bugle 2 rail splitter /opamp current

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Bugle 2 rail splitter /opamp current
« on: 30 Jul 2015, 04:42 pm »
Let me preface this by saying my bugle 2 is working fine - I'm just trying to learn.

If I'm reading the data sheets correctly:
   the tle2426 rail splitter can source 20mA, and the
   Lm4562 opamps take 10mA per side

So the circuit needs 60mA (10mA x 2 x 3 opamps), but the rail splitter can only provide 20mA

What am I missing?



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Re: Bugle 2 rail splitter /opamp current
« Reply #1 on: 31 Jul 2015, 07:26 am »
TLE2426 source/sink 20mA for the virtual ground pin. If you look on the schematic you can see that the only current flowing to the virtual ground pin is the offset current of the opamps and the signal current. Both are very small.