dBNeutralizer sheet for Sennheiser HD800 mod

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dBNeutralizer sheet for Sennheiser HD800 mod
« on: 26 Feb 2015, 01:55 am »

Just thought you might be interested to know I'll be using some 2 & an eighth" x 2 & 3 eighth" rings that I'll cut from a dBNeutralizer
sheet (I ordered today) to replace some "Foamboard" rings that are part of a mod placed inside my Sennheiser HD800 headphones.

The "modification" as is works very well at taming a frequency spike that is being generated by the metal ring that is holding the grilles behind the drivers & the seatings of the drivers to the headphone (I won't even get into why Sennheisers chose to "connect" things this way & in effect add a "coloration" to this fantastic headphone :Fortunately it's easily correctable)

In the most popular version of this mod the "Creatology Foamboard" ring is place on top of this ring (along with a trapezoid shape smaller piece that butts up to the ring & then some shelf liner is placed over this covering the inside of the headphones to add diffusion to the sound. I went further then this (as others have & completely removed the grilles & the metal ring is now also gone. I then placed
everything back to how it was positioned as I described previously.

The most tedious part  was removing the tiny star head machine screws holding the ring down (which is why most people won't attempt that mod)

The mods are successful but I was curious to see what "design specific" material as opposed to a "craft store" item brings to the table

I'll check back after I've inserted the dBNeutralizer in place

thank for your great selection of "tweak" materials for us "Tweaks"