Omega vs Magnepans

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Omega vs Magnepans
« on: 27 Jul 2022, 06:37 am »
Greetings! Please don't rush to your pitchforks folks! Curious if anyone has auditioned or owned any member of the two much loved speaker families? Please share your experience/conclusions of the sonic characteristics, likes or shortcomings. Its all subjective I understand. Any specifics would help too. Thank you.
PS:Please forgive if anyone is offended. Newbie to AC :)


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Re: Omega vs Magnepans
« Reply #1 on: 27 Jul 2022, 09:44 pm »
Funny you should mention it
I’m currently fleshing out a system that uses both
Omega Super 7’s (mk I) fed by a 2a3 set built by O.S.
Magnepan LRS’s fed by a Van Alstine solid state SET120
Both amps are fed by a Van Alstine RB10 tube pre.

Two Omega Deep Hemp subs are used with both configurations…or not , depending on the music and mood.
Obviously they are very different speakers which both happen to be fast

Both sets of speakers are in a diagonal room configuration which I highly recommend trying if your room allows for it.

I’m not ready to make any declarative statements as I’m still getting used to everything but I will say that while the LRS provide a somewhat more diffuse yet fully encompassing sound with more resolution , I find myself usually more drawn to the Omegas.  The Omegas can sometimes feel a little too forward and certain crescendoes or lead lines can feel like they are pushing too much, but the overall experience with the single driver Super 7’s and the 2a3 amp keeps me listening for longer and often not thinking about the equipment but rather…listening to music.

I’m electronics and speaker agnostic. 
Both are enjoyable in their own way.


mick wolfe

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Re: Omega vs Magnepans
« Reply #2 on: 27 Jul 2022, 11:13 pm »
You hit the nail on the head. In this hobby, it's nice to have more than one option. I've got more than few speakers and amps in a casual rotation. Keeps things fresh and fends off the evil temptation of the upgraditis.


Re: Omega vs Magnepans
« Reply #3 on: 27 Jul 2022, 11:47 pm »

   I used to run a pair of Maggie 1.5QR from 1996 I think to 2002. What changed that was 2000 and 2001 audio show here in NYC when I first heard a proper Single Driver speaker at the the shows. One was with 4" Jodan driver, I think it was the 47 Labs room and the other was Lamhorn with AER driver. I bought my CD and heard it on the Lamhorn and it was an audio life changing moment for me, the female vocal was stunning! 
   I couldn't take that off my mind. Sadly I can't afford them. So, in early 2002 I decided to built a pair of Single Driver just to see what's all about based on Fostex 6" driver. Well, after a few days with ugly duckling DIY single driver speaker, the Maggie was out. And 20 years later this year, I'm still using my ugly duckling Single Driver speaker in my system.

    By the way, I still have the 1.5QR but wires came off beyond repair now. Actually I've been putting them in the corner and they seem to act well as acoustic panels. I still do have soft spot for Maggie but for me Single Driver without xover work better for me especially that my room is not big. I listen to a lot of female singers so there's something about Single Driver speaker that just sound better to me.

     If you decided to go with Omega, I recommend you get a good tube amp for them, specially SET amp. If possible you should try to find a way to hear them both in person.




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Re: Omega vs Magnepans
« Reply #4 on: 28 Jul 2022, 07:35 am »
Thank you for the comments so far.

@JS Very cool dual setup! I'm a bit relieved that I wasn't thinking so outlandish after all :)
In hindsight, should've mentioned I'm familiar with the Magnepan house sound...running a 1.7 fed by ARC REF75. They do like room back and sides to sound optimal. But once set up right, it's well worth it

@Buddy Kudos on the successes with your DIY single driver speakers! Low power SETs seem ideal for high-sensitivity speakers, agreed!