New Full Cable Loom review & Reviewer's Choice Award from Part Time Audiophile

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Triode Pete

Reviewer Grover Neville from Part Time Audiophile just published a Full TWL Cable Loom review and awards Triode Wire Labs the "Reviewer's Choice Award"!

Here's the review...

Some excerpts -

"However the effect on the listening experience, especially with the entire loom, was one that was decidedly not subtle. Though the changes in perceived smoothness, lack of harshness, resolution and imaging were all individually small, the aggregate pulled me deeper into the music, let me notice more minute details and broadly scraped away at the veil between listener and recording that is the stereo hi-fi system. Not only did the perceptual transparency increase, it felt like the elements that clued me into this being a stereo system were also blurred, softened and less noticeable.

If that’s slightly fuzzy language, it’s because the changes the Triode Wire Labs made in my system connected me to the music in a somewhat more emotional than analytical manner."

Concluding -

"If I had to describe the sound of Triode Wire Labs cable, at least in my system, I would not use the words bright or warm. There really was no drastic change in the frequency balance or character of my system’s frequency. What it did before the Triode Wire Labs cables, it could do after. However, the standout feature for me was an enhancement of the coherence and integrity of the musical soundscape, a liquid smoothness around micro-detail and an increase in contrast around macro-detail. This series of small additions made the entire picture pop just a little more in a way that asked me to relax into the music when it was relaxing, dance when it was groovy and head-bang when it thrashed.

There’s an elusive shimmer to audio plankton and micro-detail when things in a system are playing right, that causes them to dance just at the edge of perception. Not too forward, not absent, but just present enough to make you lean in and want to hear more. For me, the Triode Wire Labs cables collection of little improvements all drove towards this point.

If one is looking for some pocket-friendly ways to up the game of a well-tuned system, I can heartily recommend listening to some Triode Wire Labs cables. My personal recommendation would be to try the power cables first, as those seemed to provide the most obvious differences, but I was pleased as punch with all of Pete’s wire.

Going forward, Triode Wire Labs will be my first and very possibly last stop for any of my cable needs."

Thanks Grover!!!



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“There’s an elusive shimmer to audio plankton and micro-detail when things in a system are playing right, that causes them to dance just at the edge of perception”

Gotta’ love it!  :lol:


To me it's like putting a little butter on my steak while cooking.
Doesn't change the flavor but enhances the flavor that's there.
Pete's cables are as smooth as butter.
Nice review.