Living room combo 2 channel/Ht, a Two-channel Audio System by scp2

Room Size
System Overview
Living room 22x16 with right wall completely open to entryway. 11 ft ceilings
Music Preferences
Any good recordings..but mostly Blues,vocals male & female, classic rock, classical(baroque)
Room Description
Large open room with a great deal of decor accessories and furniture aiding acoutics in an otherwise non treated room
Acoustic Treatment
Listening Impressions
Detailed and clear mids and highs with a defined center stage and very little outside the speakers. Bass can be a little sloppy.
Media Storage
Netgear readynas
Other Comments
I need/am looking at adding a few treatments at some point.
Digital Source
Modwright Transporter with EML and Black Treasure tubes
Other Sources
Duet Bolder analog modded(feeeding deck spkrs) Pioneer BDP051F(Bluray Player)
Signal Processors
Yamaha RXV-863 AVR
Joule Elextra La150 MKII SE
Power Amp
2 X Spectron Musician III with V-cap/Bybee running in bridged mono
Von Schweikert VR-4 jr mk I upgraded to mk III with Euro mods
(1) Def Tech supercube II (used for HT)
Speaker Cable
2 pr Bryston SC-4 speaker cable biwired
Grover Huffman SX RCA
Power Cables
Wyred4Sound(amp) Lessloss(pre) Black Sand Violet II(MWTP)
AKG K702
HT cabinet...maple amp stands
Tuning and Tweaks
Herbie tube dampers(MWTP), Herbies Isolation between and below speakers, Blakholes under Pre and MWTP, Stillpoints under amps,Shakti stoneson amps and MWTP