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Title: Am I a slave to speaker impedance?
Post by: scota on 11 Jan 2021, 07:52 pm
Interested in Cherry Amps, seems like most reviews are done on newer speakers though. My two best speakers are jbl 240 ti which are 89db efficiency and klipsch chorus2 at 101db. Is speaker efficiency a main factor in choosing which cherry amp to buy? I already have a 200WPC solid state (old heathkit 1640) and I want more power, I've heard it said a lot that this or that speaker doesn't "wake up" until you feed them x amount of watts and I want to see for myself if that's true. I think that narrows it down to the Mega and the Classic Ultra, but will either of those be ok pushing 101db speakers to loud levels? You'll have to forgive me if this a dumb question or covered somewhere else I just want to learn all I can before I order something, Thanks.
Title: Re: Am I a slave to speaker impedance?
Post by: AmpDesigner333 on 12 Jan 2021, 01:56 am
Plenty of Cherry customers have older speakers, including JBL.  Control of the speaker is greatly improved compared to conventional amplifiers over the entire frequency range, plus DC coupling eliminates the bass delay that other amps add.