The inaugural welcome post

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Re: The inaugural welcome post
« Reply #40 on: 22 Apr 2021, 04:39 pm »
Welcome to the Mid Atlantic Audio Circle.  We are a group of audio enthusiasts/audiophiles from the area encompassing Delaware/Maryland/DC/Northern Virginia/Southern New Jersey/Southern Pennsylvania. Our primary goals are:
 - to help each other with audio related problems by giving each other advice
 - to share our love and our passion for all things audio.
 - to freely exchange ideas related to audio
 - to schedule social gatherings to listen to gear
 - to make new friends and see old friends as well.

Everyone is welcome to post on this circle so please introduce yourself and let us know how you got started in audio.

so im a little confused - is the group virtual or in person or both - is it open to people in new jersey - phila - washington - maryland?  does philly already have a group?
how do i join? - whats klaus have to do with this - and the klh speakers from the 70's - is northern virginia a part of this group? where's vienna? why are we talking about audio diseases? and addictions? im still confused

im afraid to join - i thought i already belonged to 5 different audio groups since the 90's


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Re: The inaugural welcome post
« Reply #41 on: 23 Apr 2021, 10:41 am »
Ha ha, yes, the organization is somewhat loose to say the least.  First, anyone can join, even if you live in Nebraska or some equally distant foreign land, but we never figured anyone that didn't live somewhere that they considered "Mid Atlantic" would want to join.  We've had some gtg over the years, but they started waning even before the pandemic, but if we ever get control of this plague they can start up with anyone who volunteers to host.  Klaus comes in because a big annual event had been the Capitol Audio Fest show put on by Gary Gill in the northern suburbs of Washington DC.  We've traditionally had a Saturday night dinner at some steak house that Klaus often attended.  We usually drag in some other audio groups and industry luminaries.  How that will all work from now forward no one knows.  Initiation fees are $10,000 with annual dues of $2,000 sent to my bank account, I assure you they'll be put to good use developing some destitute audiophile's system.  But looking over the account it appears all members are in arrears, for all payments, hmmm, I'm gonna send out a letter when I get around to it.  Anyway, welcome to the group, you've already joined.


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Re: The inaugural welcome post
« Reply #42 on: 25 Apr 2021, 08:26 pm »
Those were the days. Cramming beyond room capacity with multiple vendors, the whole MAAC crew, and other VIPs. Even going to the place in Silver Spring as a strong group. Even at the beginning at the old Rockville CAF.

It sucks that everything has changed: there are some of our guys I haven't seen at CAF for years. Phil left for Florida. Klaus and woodsyi have their private dinners, especially at exclusive DC restaurants. In fact, I believe they do that at RMAF as well.

It ends up being me, bunky, and the other guy (forget his handle). We have done it for a few years now. That has become our little tradition. People are welcome to join.

We have to see if 2021 CAF is a go or not. I am still open if someone wants to host a local meet or even for only a dinner.