Review of 'Truth' Umbilical for ALL ModWright Tube Mods!

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Bob Levi of Positive Feedback Online has reviewed our Sony 999ES Truth mod, 9100ES Truth mod and XA-5400ES truth mod.  He has had the all-silver Audio Revelation Umbilical, the all-copper Acoustic Zen Umbilical and now has the new ModWright 'Truth' cable with which to compare them.

He has the following to say in his recent review for PFO:

Closest sonically to the all copper blue cable, the TRUTH has a more delicate, quicker, and more even-sounding character. It is obviously more detailed and more realistic, too. I love it. I tried it with both the 999 and 9100 Sony's in-house, and have good reason to believe it will maximize any player ever modded by ModWright. Remember, cables are components, too. I think that you will be quite delighted by the TRUTH in your setup. Order it with your mod as an upgrade for $250, or by itself for $300. A must-own for your ModWright mod, in my book!

Full Review:

It is no secret that Bob has been a long-time fan of our tube mods.  What may of you may NOT know, is that I never approached Bob to review the first 999ES.  In fact, he heard it when a fellow PFO reviewer brought it over and was so impressed, he aske ME if he could review it.  At the time I was not an advertiser in PFO (we do now advertise in PFO - full disclosure).

We offer the 'Truth' umbilical for $300 for use with ALL ModWright Truth (tube) modifications.  It is available as a $250 upgrade over stock umbilical at time of modification.

Link to product specifications:

As always, I thank you for your interest in ModWright Instruments and ModWright Modifications.


Dan W.
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