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Here's $5,000 build the best system you can.

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This is what I would buy if I were building a system today.  I am cheating as the MSRP total doesn't include cables.  And, I am not including the cost of the PC.  I can't think of another amp I would buy that cost under $1200, so I am just putting my own amp in there for now.  Dollar is pretty weak against the euro now, so the total price is a bit over $5k since my amp is only priced in euros.

Speakers: Harbeth P3ESR $2000

Source: M2Tech Young $1800

Amp: Greatech ╬╝VAC 950 euros

That last system is something else!

This is approximately what I have spent on my current setup:

2010 Mac mini:  $700
External Firewire drive:  $200
Audirvana:          $0
Halide Bridge       $500
Peachtree Nova   $1100
B&W CM7            $2000
Blue Jeans Cable speaker wires and connections  $100

I added a Class D Audio SDS-254X2 amp, mainly because of the size of the room, and OCD.  Kit = $500, and then I spent about another $300 on a customized case to match the Nova, and at least another $100 to $200 on parts (sometimes the wrong ones).

I've thought about what I might do differently if I were to do it again:

CM9 instead of CM7 speakers (or go for better ones if I could afford it, especially ones more likely to permit me to use active crossovers).

Class D audio amp(s) and possibly Dodd buffer (passive pre-amp), stand-alone DAC (maybe Peachtree's iDAC), mac mini.

Well the system I am building sort of fits:

Virtue Sensation M901 Integrated Amp with Dodd tube buffer and battery kit. $1450
GR-research N3S speaker kit and materials $700
GR-research servo sub kit and materials $700
Pro-ject RPM5.1SE turntable $1000
Dell net book $300
Schit Bifrost or Peachtree Audio DACit DAC $450
Spend the remainder on interconnects $400

Mike Nomad:
Here's a couple of pokes at the problem:

(option one)

Oppo BDP-93 universal player - $499
Peachtree Audio Nova integrated amp w/DAC - $1,100
PSB Image T6 speakers - $1,199

<$2,202 remaining for a pre-amp tube that doesn't suck, cabling, power conditioning>

(option two)

Oppo BDP-93 universal player - $499
Parasound Classic 2100 pre-amp - $649
Almarro A205A amp - $800
Tekton Design Uruz speakers - $2,200

<$852 remaining for cabling, power conditioning, alternate tubes>


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