FS: Zingali 2.08, reduced to $4000

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FS: Zingali 2.08, reduced to $4000
« on: 23 Feb 2011, 09:20 pm »
Great opportunity to own the Zingali 2.08 in walnut.

Reduced to $4000  buyer pays shipping and paypal. (If you are a Bay area / Sacramento audiophile, would be willing to meet you to avoid shipping)

They retail for approximately 7000 British Pounds or $11,900 US at today’s exchange rate.

These are part of the newly designed Twenty Series, that replaced the overture .4s. This is my second pair of Zingali. (I had a pair of Overture .3s prior to these) They are beautiful speakers with great WAF. I bought them new from The Music Room (AudioSalon) in the UK. They are very efficient. They have surprisingly good bass with the (2) 8” woofers and rear porting. I have used both an 8W and 100W tube amp and they sing in either set up. These horns don’t honk. They excel throughout the entire acoustical spectrum.

There are 3 pinpoint nicks on the front of one cabinet, can be seen from about 3 feet in the right light and if you are at the right angle. The arrow points to one of them, and the other 2 are in the upper left hand corner of the picture.The speaker in the full length picture is the one with the nick. I have the original shipping boxes for the 2.08, but will double box.

My audiogon member name and ebay name is dcktr  if you want to check out my buying and selling history

If interested, I also have a Zingali Overture Center channel
This is part of the previous Overture series. It retailed for $1900. I just had the woofers re-foamed and brought back to specs, as if new. It was damaged in shipping (thanks UPS), there is a dent on the front panel. See picture. If interested, $200. I would prefer to sell all three together,

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bump for new ad and pricing


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The weekly bump, come on!


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still bumping, 4150 obo


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As the Red Chili Peppers sing - Hump de Bump. Price reduced to $4000


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