Gallery of GIK Treatments

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Re: Gallery of GIK Treatments
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EVO - Yes, fairly near-field at approximately 7' equilateral triangle. Positioned speakers in room via Cardas method, then moved my seat all over the place, even up (on blocks), and finally settled for this as best spot. Took some getting used to visually as I've never been this close before, but the sound is terrific. Basement Room: 20.125' L x 12.67' W x 7.10' H.


Re: Gallery of GIK Treatments
« Reply #61 on: 3 Dec 2017, 11:37 pm »

This was pretty easy, no measurements (I don't have the means) since I do not have the latitude in the room to position things much. Just too much in here for now.

12 X14 X8 room heavy oriental rug over wood floor. 4 GIK 244 panels on front wall with 2 more coming with scatter shields for my back wall. I'll post another shot when they arrive.

For the money spent this setup is the best bang for the buck I have done in a long long time. Better than a wire upgrade hugely, or any USB doodads upgrade and very near a component change. Really impressed it worked so well, super separation and soundstage, pulsating, it just came into focus. Very articulate tight base and mids no glare. Damn good!

My advice is do your room before you do anything else!!
A very reasonable cost for what it has done.


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Re: Gallery of GIK Treatments
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From the condo my wife had a few years ago: