Stereo Tube Amplifier 807 SE

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Stereo Tube Amplifier 807 SE
« on: 22 Nov 2009, 11:12 pm »

Amazing Warm Sound - 100% hand built - All New

Beautiful, hand built stereo, singled-ended all tube power amplifier using 807, 6N1P and 5U4 tubes. This amplifier layout has been carefully designed using a combination of Vintage, and high quality components. These high quality components are brand new and consist of Hammond filter choke, Heyboer output transformers, Illinois electrolytic capacitors, Orange Drop (715P type) capacitors, carbon resistors, IEC plug, gold-plated RCA jacks, speaker jacks, ceramic tube sockets, ceramic tube caps and power switch. Coupling capacitors are orange drop (715P type). Illinois electrolytic capacitors are used in the cathode section and Cornell-Dubilier electrolytic capacitors are used in the power supply section. Vintage Marantz dual stereo volume control was used and in the input stage, gold plated shielded wire was used. All components are perfectly matched left to right for proper channel balance. This amplifier was designed on a garolite board, with all handwired, point to point circuitry using less wire to prevent hum and all grounds are in the correct places. This design allows this amp to run continuously, with extreme quiet operation. This amplifier has built in volume control and can be used with or without a preamp. You can connect any fixed or variable source output directly to this amplifier. You can use the audio out from an iPod, CD, DVD, MP3, Computer, TV, XM or SIRUS to the input connection of this amp. Amplifier was designed utilizing four tubes, 1-6N1P(Input) can be substituted with 6922,6FQ7,6EV7,6GU7, 6CG7 or 6DJ8, 2-807(Output) and 1-5U4(Rectifier) can be substituted with 5R4. This amplifier features normal input(R/L), volume control, power switch, power indicator, right/left speaker terminals (8 Ohms) and circuit protection. You will be amazed at the bass sound of such a small amplifier. Amp works great into any 4 and 8 ohms speakers.
Input connector - Two Gold RCA input jacks (Right & Left).
* Built in volume control and can be used with or without a preamp.
* Tubes 1-6N1P(Pre-amp), 2-807(Output) and 1-5U4(Rectifier).
* Normal input(R,L), Volume control, Power switch, IEC plug, Standby switch, Power indicator, Speaker terminals(8 Ohms) and Circuit protection.
* Input Impedance: 100K ohms
* Load Impedance: 8 Ohms
* Circuit Type: Single-Ended Class A
* Power Output: 2.5 Watts x2

*Power Stereo Tube 807 Amplifier AC, 115 Volts
*Dimensions: W 13 1/2" x D 11 1/2" x H 2 1/2"
*Tubes: 2-807(RCA used), 1-6N1P(Russian type new) and 1-5U4(used)

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