My Capacitor comparisons: Mundorfs, VCap, Sonicap Platinum, Auricap, etc

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I have Clarity MR 1uF 600vdc in my Zu Union Cubes, they were purchased with upgrade.

I'm not much of a tweaker but I'm thinking about changing the wiring harness inside with some extra JW Audio Cryonova wire I have here, and maybe trying a different cap. Was looking at Jupiter Flats. Anything over 50vdc will work according to Zu as long as it is 1uF. Any thoughts? Maybe it's pointless to upgrade cap just for tweeter that comes in at 14kHz...and they sound great right now. :scratch:

I don't think the Flats will be an upgrade over MR, just a different presentation. I think you have to get into VhAudio/teflon/Deuland territory to improve on the MR. Also Tubestore still has some Ampohm Copper/Tin Foil, etc caps left. I think those would land you somewhere in between in terms of presentation.


I don't think the Flats will be an upgrade over MR, just a different presentation. I think you have to get into VhAudio/teflon/Deuland territory to improve on the MR. Also Tubestore still has some Ampohm Copper/Tin Foil, etc caps left. I think those would land you somewhere in between in terms of presentation.



Anybody tried Audyn Plus caps in loudspeaker crossovers or electronics?
Prices are a little lower then Mundorf Supreme's.


I've used the following myself for bypass (.1uF):

- Russian teflons (very nice, open and transparent, but they have some grain and a bit of forwardness to them that becomes apparent in time). Inexpensive.
- Sonicap Gen II - they are smooth but don't quite have the air and transparency of the teflons. Inexpensive
- Relcap RT's - also transparent but more forward sounding than I prefer
- V-Cap teflons - very nice and open and beautify, but terribly expensive
- Dueland Alexandria's - these are the nicest bypass cap's I have heard. They do it all. Unfortunately Partscoinnexion is out of stock and there is no other distributor (yet).
- Sonicap Platinums - I have these as coupling caps in my preamp. They don't need a bypass. More expensive than I want for an added bypass cap.


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Why are no engineering specifications provided for most of these parts?

Here is an example of an audio device with excellent specifications that suggests it is worth investigating.  Or do any of these exotic capacitors guarantee a distortion of no more then 0.00003 percent?


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I decided to upgrade the original components of a vintage Lafayette KT-550. Over a period of about 200+ hours break-in time, I logged values (subjective and numeric) as the sonics changed.  Notably, I replaced all 8 of the tube coupling caps with 0.47uF Rike Audio caps.  These caps have a very flat frequency response.  Nothing stands out.  The Rike's are very transparent and give a wide and deep soundstage.  The noise floor is extremely low with these caps.  And the best of all, the Rike's have no harshness or edginess.  Very natural.  After years of listening to sub-standard caps, I am really starting to appreciate the sonic value of a good hi-end cap.

More about my experience with the Rike Audio cap's can be found on my webpage where I detail log the break-in time and sonic changes.  See here:


nice post beautiful looking amp


Anybody hear anything recently on the new Jupiter's that are supposed to compete with Dueland's? Wondering when they will begin to sell, and who/where they can be purchased?

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I talked to Chris at Jupiter about 10 days ago.  He told me that the 600V caps would be ready in two weeks.  No one ever makes their deadlines....well almost no one.  So, in another week I am going to call him and see what is up.  He will have values from .001 to 1uf at 600V....round case.  Prices have not been set but I would say at LEAST 1.5 times his aluminum caps.  Later this year he will make the 100V speaker ones that will be in the flat stacked cases.  So, we are getting seriously close to launch.  I don't know if he will be sending the first batch to Parts Connexion or what.  Hang in there, I will inform everyone as soon as I know something.  So far, every person I have either talked to or heard about has felt these are better than their Duelands.


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Hi everybody,
I am planning to upgrade the output capacitors for my pream. Recently, my pream runs with 2 Clarity ESA 4.7uf and 2 Mundorf Supreme 0.1uf as output capacitors. Would anyone please suggest me any capacitors that give most musicality, those that keep me listening to music instead of judging or analysing about treble, bass or something like that. I hope you would understand me, and I am also sorry for my non-perfect English. Many thanks in advance.

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Disclaimer 1: The manufacturer provided me free samples of the 0.22uF Rike Capacitors that the following review is about.

Disclaimer 2: This is what I felt in my system, with my music preferences, with my aural tastes. YMMV.

A while ago, I decided to give my VTL ST-150 an overhaul to ensure good functionality. I replaced all the coupling caps and I started with the 0.68uF caps between the output tubes. That definitely gave me an improvement in most areas, but made the system just a touch bright. Once they settled in, though .

After I let them settle in a bit, I decided to tackle the 0.22uF coupling caps in the input circuitry of the amp. I contacted Rike to ask them for the contact information to dealer in the US. They were very helpful since there wasn't a dealer at the time, and were very prompt and kind in sending me free samples to try. It had been a long time since they shipped them to me, but it took me a while to get them into the amp. It's been a while since they've been running in the amp and longer still for me to find time to sit down and write this, but they're excellent capacitors.

I do not have the vast array of experience that some other members have here, but I'm comparing it to what I heard with the amp I got.

Short version: This brought back a degree of realism to music playback that I didn't think possible. It transported me back to a concert that I'd just been to a few days back. It made me feel the same exhilaration that I felt when I was listening to live music.

Longish version: Almost every rock concert I go to, I take ear plugs with me. This is usually because the sound is so insanely amplified and the sound so bright (Ozzy especially comes to mind), I have to put ear plugs in to be able to tolerate a whole concert. However, this particular Steven Wilson concert that I went to in LA was so well done, that I didn't need earplugs! They had the sound just right and I very much enjoyed the concert. As many of us do, I craved that same feeling of excitement listening to live music when listening at home. Things sounded good, but I wanted better. With the Rike in, I get that feeling of being back at a live concert. These capacitors don't highlight any part of the spectrum. They simply let the music flow very naturally. The bass is very textured and natural (and this was the part that got to me!). I could feel it in my chest and feet! The mid-range and highs flow so naturally and sound exactly like what I heard at the concert. No particular frequency band "shouting" at me and grabbing my attention. Dynamics are jump in your seat good. Separation of instruments is really good, and soundstage is excellent too if the recording allows it. If you can't tell, I really, really like these caps. While capacitors alone don't make the system, I think these caps allowed my system to really shine. The Rikes allow the music to get very, very close to the real deal.

Even my wife that doesn't get my craziness came by and asked what I'd done - the music sounds so much more, natural, live etc.

Rest of my system: Magnepan 1.7, deHavilland Ultraverve 3, Decware ZP3 phono, Kenwood KD-770 with Clearaudio cart