Acoustat 1+1 Medallion transformers - $675

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Acoustat 1+1 Medallion transformers - $675
« on: 25 Nov 2003, 07:05 pm »
Electrostatic line source - about 8 feet tall - 14 inches wide and 3.5 inches deep - excellent condition - only 3 minor flaws - 1)1 speaker has a small 1/4 inch hole in the tan grill cloth(on back) - 2) I was installing spikes and accidently drilled through the teak formica base plate ;( its on the left front - I am going to attempt to fill it - shouldn't be very noticable and 3) 1 binding post (positive) has a loose cover - post works fine its just the red cover thats loose. The transformers have upgraded binding posts, caps replaced with Wondercaps and silver internal wiring(dont in 96 from somewhere in S. Florida - forget who I sent them to). The grill cloths look almost like new - no dirt/spots etc... I am the original owner - they were bought in 1987 and have been taken care of. They work flawlessly - I have them going through a passive crossover at 110HZ so they have never played deep bass. The transformers have the red Medallion C(David Hafler) logo. I have the original owners manual and brochure. Due to size these are for local pickup only. I live in St. Augustine, FL just south of Jacksonville. You are welcome to come listen. I also have an MBL 211 powered sub that mates perfectly with the 1+1's. I have pics and will add a link tonight or I can take specific pics. Speakers were always unplugged when not in use - used probably 2 hrs every month or so. Check out my feedback on Ebay - user is = _toad  pics at:  - I can take more pics if wanted