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Behringer DCX2496 Modification for Emerald Physics Speakers Inquiries:

$1575.00 comes with new unit.  (Optional)We offer a $150 trade-in for your existing system downtime.
WorldWide Service:

<li>Kyle Takenaga RAM(Riverside, California)
phone (951)780-2869

Why Should You Modify the Behringer???

RAM Modification Approach...How we developed it
For many years I have been actively searching for a speaker
which provided a "as close to live" presentation as possible.  Cliche?...yes, but please hear me out.
To my ears, after hearing and living with many different brands and differing
topologies I was continuously unsatisfied and wanting more.  Taking even the DIY approach using the very
best crossover parts, drivers, etc... simply never got me there.  Certainly, there were some really
expensive speakers that sounded damn good but unlike some of you deep pocketed folks I
cannot and more then likely will never be able to afford such luxury items.  All hope lost?  This was the case
until I walked into the Emerald Physics room at RMAF 2007.   A good friend of
mine, who has almost identical preferences, informed me about the EP's and  urged that I go hear these
bad boys.  Well, after 2 minutes(although probably less) I was completely sold on what Ep owner Clayton Shaw had accomplished
Simply stunning sound considering the ancillary equipment being used.   However, after many years in this business one learns
to sit patiently.  I would not make further judgment until I received my own pair here at RAM.  I also have other more pricey speakers with some pretty serious mods
to them which I felt would be a good test to put them up against.  How would they fair?
    Incredibly, the CS2 speaker was by and far the best all around speaker I have heard.   All around meaning having the least weaknesses although
bested by other speakers in differing areas.  I would say area of presentation I found to be the weakest was refinement and overall resolution.
Now, this is only in a small way as the strengths nearly make you forget about any deficiencies whatsoever.  Dynamics, stage, presence, openness are here in spades!!!
Things sound live. 
Not to be too long winded here, I will get to the point.  The weak link is NOT the speaker but rather the Behringer DCX2496 crossover.  What can one expect
from a $280.00 piece retail.  It is akin to throwing your cheapest CD player you have ever owned in the signal path in addition to the high quality unit you
may already own!!  And yet we are able to still get extremely high quality sound!!!  So, this is where the MODIFICATIONS come into play.  Effectively modifying the
DCX 24/96 will have a profound affect on the resulting sound of these speakers.  Believe me...I OWN THEM!  They are superb with the stock Behringer and "Out of this world"
with a Modified Behringer.
I hear much greater refinement.  With this I mean the treble now extends with delicacy and nuance.  The sound stage is even more expansive with far less "electronic stress".
Resolution is seriously enhanced resulting in more emotional content and layering.  Bass performance is much better delineated. Truthfully, I feel all the buzzwords in hifi can be used.
So, it goes with saying that I have found the speakers of my dreams and they are and will be
my reference speakers for years to come...that is unless Clayton performs his magic to something even better.

Behringer DCX2496 Modification Features:

Audiocom Superclock 4-S Clock

RAM installs a reference quality clock designed by Audiocom UK, Superclock 4-S. Replacing the stock
crystal oscillator results in significant jitter reduction.  Yes, this speaker system has jitter!! 

Audiocom Superclock Mini PSU

RAM installs a dedicated low noise Power Supply with
discrete voltage regulation for the Superclock 4-S 

Overall Parts Quality Enhancement
After 4 months of trial and error RAM has formulated a combination of State of the Art components
that provides the above mentioned improvements along with great MUSICALITY.  A combination
that was not easy to achieve. 

Transform your CS-2's Today!!
Recent customer feedback

the behringer after kyle's mod.....the greatest bang for buck in my 
audio history.
A true night and day difference....and that's only in the first few 
hours. The first time
I have heard this resolution regardless of volume setting......

Clayton...this makes your cs2's unbeatable. ..

let you know more in a few hundred hours.........WOW



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« Reply #1 on: 26 Apr 2008, 12:06 am »

Never have I experienced air surrounding
each and every instrument until now.
your Behringer mod can not be imagined,
it has to be heard.
after hundred's of hours......

"music lives forever, people don't, listen now"