How do you keep fluid off the record label while using the Spin Clean.

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How do you do it, thanks.


How much difference do you think that makes and in what regard?  Why not simply use the supplied cloths to wipe it away?  Hand in there, bio.


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Just keep spinning and wipe the label dry when it comes out. The labels are quite resilient to water IMHO.


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Hi rcag_ils
and congrats for your 1000 posts, it's a good start.
I agree with orthobiz,
just wipe off the water on the label.
(I did it with " orthobiz " chirurgical cloths, thanks to him)
I washed almost 100 LPs with my Spin Clean machine
some LPs who were 50 years old
and did not have any problem whatsoever.
(No labels damaged.)

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Thanks folks, I am very picky about my LPs, I freaked out when I see the water got on the label and left a long raised mark on the label, I tried to wipe it off right away. But the supplied cloth is not a very good absorbent, and didn't soak up the water fast enough. I thought once the paper got wet, and dried, it'd never be the same......


Dont know if this will still work with spin clean, but there are label saver products. :)