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Ray Bronk

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« on: 3 Jan 2018, 11:07 am »
Hi, I remember reading somewhere in these pages about the Longhorn mod for cartridges. Is this just restricted to Grados only? And can I get more info on this topic? I haven't decided yet which TT to buy. I know this is just a bit off topic. Maybe you guys can give me some pointers where to go and what tables to get. Looking at some of the reviews on VPI, Sota, Rega, Music hall, and one other brand which escapes me. The UTurn stuff looks good, but their arms are not flexible enough for mounting different cartridges. I know that Grado just did a major upgrade on all of there cartridges. So not to sure which one to get. So any ideas are welcome. Thanks Frank for letting me ask TT questions in your circle.

That's what happens when you go away for a few years and things change. lol.


Re: Longhorn
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Hi Ray, AVA is still selling the Longhorn cartridges if you haven't seen this:


One of those choices may fit your needs without the hassle of finding the u-channel and doing some fine work.  It seems that Frank gave instructions in an early '80's newsletter that is probably found on AC or through his website.

Enjoy your new turntable.  :D

dB Cooper

Re: Longhorn
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It's in the first year ('83) under 'Audio Basics Newsletters'. Because it's science-based, the information is still valid. Tried it on several carts and it helped all. Make the bar as long as you can without hitting anything in normal operation.