What Avant-garde music or Free Improvisation Are You Currently Listening To?

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Mea culpa. Sorry about the above, my photography skills leave much to be desired. Plus I was in a hurry. Plus I’m lazy.

The green cd is Jim Black ‘Splay’ with Hilmar Jennson, Chris Speed (yay!) and Skuli Sverrison on bass and “ black box with glowing screen and attachables”. I really like Black’s work and the Winter & Winter label.

The other is Tony Malaby with Willam Paker, Nasheet Waits and Wadada Leo Smith. I bought this directly from Tony and it’s his home made effort and I don’t know how widely distributed it was.


Lines in Australia
Personnel: Axel Dörner – Trumpet; Jim Denley – Flutes, Alto Saxophone; Philipp Wachsmann – Violin, Electronics; Marcio Mattos – Cello, Electronics; Martin Blume – Percussion.


Werner Dafeldecker/ Franz Hautzinger/ Sachiko_M/ John Tilbury - Absinth (12.2002)


Werner Dafeldecker, electronics, bass; Christof Kurzmann, G3, clarinet, theremin; Christian Fennesz, G3; Jim O'Rourke, G3 (track 1); Kevin Drumm, guitar (tracks 2, 3, 4); Martin Siewert, guitar (track 5).

Graz (09.55)
Wels (11.48)
Nickelsdorf 1 (13.16)
Nickelsdorf 2 (19.52)
Bern (18.56)

Recorded live in 1998 at the locations indicated.