Favorite live albums with superior SQ

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Re: Favorite live albums with superior SQ
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As of now, I would consider this in all likelihood the best live recording I have ever heard:

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Re: Favorite live albums with superior SQ
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Another gem, both sonically and musically IMHO


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Re: Favorite live albums with superior SQ
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This CD is a very special album, even a historic album it simple is the Playboy Jazz-001 catalogue number released in 2001, recorded in DSD-64 by Corcord Music.

It show great jazz ballads music composed by Patrick Williams(Sinatra maestro) for the CBS mini-serie Blonde in homage to Marilyn Monroe, too bad its not a SACD.

The solo and orchestra musicians are a gang of stars like:
Wayne Bergeron
Chuck Berghofer
Ray Brown
Larry Bunker
John Burk
Kenny Burrell
Lee Callett
Darius Campo
Joel Derouin
Assa Drori
Gregg Field
Dorothy Fields
Kristin Fife
Endre Granat
Arthur Hamilton
Scott Hamilton
Roy Hargrove
Terry Harrington
Dan Higgins
Plas Johnson
Bert Kalmar
Michael Lang
Mundell Lowe
Warren Luening
Liane Mautner
Jimmy McHugh
James Moody
Carolyn Osborn
Kazi Pitelka
Dennis Rowland
Bob Sanov
David Stenske
Olivia Tsui
Bill Watrous
Patrick Williams
Snooky Young


dB Cooper

Re: Favorite live albums with superior SQ
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Here are 5 live albums, and to get off the beaten path of albums we all know only too well, I put these 3 albums from the small but highly acclaimed Sound Liaison label on top, but also because I really do think they are superior in sound quality, even when compared to ECM's Keith Jarrett.
Bobby Timmons ''in Person'' is an old favorite with a prominent Ron Carter right in the middle of the sound stage, and no I don't think that my LP's sounds better than these hi-res downloads. I wish they did but ....that is life. On the plus side I would probably not have discovered these wonderful ''young'' musicians if I had been stuck with only listening to my vast collection of L.P's

1. Batik; the old Man and the Sea. http://www.soundliaison.com/

2. Paul Berner; Road to Memphis. http://www.soundliaison.com/

3. Carmen Gomes Inc.; Thousand Shades of Blue


4. Keith Jarrett; Somewhere http://www.hdtracks.com/somewhere-live-in-lucerne-2009

5. Bobby Timmons Trio ( LP)

I noted that these albums were labeled 'Studio Showcase Series' so I checked out the website. The Batik album (at least; I didn't check the others) was done "in the studio with a small select audience." I don't know if the fact that there was an audience present in the studio makes it a "live" recording in the sense most people use that term. It no doubt changed the dynamic in the studio, having people there listening, but I think of 'live' as 'in a public venue'. Even with a 'small audience' present, the producers had a lot more control over the acoustics and conditions in general than they would have had in any public venue. The SQ in the samples I heard was quite good though. I'm not criticizing the approach; i think it's valid; just noting the difference between a studio and any club, even a small intimate one like Annapolis MD's 49 West (the image is from Rhythm Future Quartet's 'Live at 49 West' and itself is a very good live recording. The venue is small enough to support 100% acoustic performance.)