Tidal Hifi - 3 months free

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Re: Tidal Hifi - 3 months free
« Reply #40 on: 5 Dec 2017, 11:52 pm »
Thank you. I am an existing customer but recently canceled the subscription. Per the ad it's for new customers only. Has anyone tried this with an existing canceled account?


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Re: Tidal Hifi - 3 months free
« Reply #41 on: 6 Dec 2017, 12:10 am »

Ok, I purchased a cd from Best Buy, what is the next step?  I think I am going blind but the link above does not provide give me the option to add to the cart or download?  Do I just go to Tidal.com and register and enter the Best Buy receipt information?

Edit:  According to slickdeals.net site, the deal expired on Dec. 2  :duh:


Re: Tidal Hifi - 3 months free
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create a new account with different email and CC.Tidal won’t know.


Re: Tidal Hifi - 3 months free
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CD purchases might be over now.  When I did it last week there was a list of qualifying CDs.


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Re: Tidal Hifi - 3 months free
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Just a clarification regarding this offer, my understanding is that it's for 6 months of Tidal's basic service or 3 months of their Hi-Fi tier. I've also read that you can cancel at any time and your remaining free subscription will continue until expiration, but don't know if it's worth taking a chance on that. Just setup a reminder to cancel it a week or two before it expires.

Here is the verbiage within the email...

6-months of TIDAL

Thank you for your recent music purchase. Your purchase qualifies you to receive a complimentary 6-month TIDAL HIFI streaming subscription. For new customers only. Experience over 50 million songs, 195,000 videos, exclusive content and VIP experiences with 6 complimentary months of TIDAL HIFI.

I'm assuming the Hifi they are mentioning is the lossless format such as Flac. I can also confirm it sounds better than spotify premium and the digital version plays a bit louder than analog.