Manufacturers reference speakers, only $3500

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Manufacturers reference speakers, only $3500
« on: 1 Jul 2017, 09:18 pm »
These speakers have been the reference for my company for about 8 years. I would not be selling them, but I have upgraded my speakers recently to Vapor Audio speakers. These ribbons were purchased from a Company called Soundline.  They were positively reviewed in Stereophile. 

Here they are in my system:

I modified them with over $1500 in new crossover components and new circuit boards and rewired them with high-performance low-inductance wiring, similar to my speaker cables I used to sell. The crossover parts include V-Caps, Black Gates, Jensen air-core inductors and planar thick-film resistors.  The wiring is all silver-plated copper twisted-pairs with Teflon insulation.  The bass box ports were retuned for maximum performance.  These are well-built and have served me well at several shows.  These speakers were instrumental in earning several best of show ratings for my rooms at RMAF and Newport Beach Audio Show.  No visible scratches.

The loudspeakers have 4 foot full-range ribbons with 10" Vifa driver bass boxes, with custom wiring and crossover components including high-end Teflon caps, Multi-Caps and Jensen air-core inductors from Denmark. Excellent bass response.

These ribbons are not like other ribbons. Very dynamic and extended. Crossover is at 650Hz. Unlike most ribbons, these can actually create an acoustic shock wave. They are efficient enough to use with 30W tube amps and drive well with 4 ohm transformer tube amp output. Driving with Solid State amps requires minimum 100 watts, but the more the better. The off-axis and standing response is excellent. They sound nearly identical from every position in the room. This is why they are great for trade shows. They easily break down into 4 units, the 2 panels and the 2 bass boxes. I have the original boxes and packing. I can demo them in my system with appointment.

These will beat most standard driver and electrostatic speakers, including the majority of other ribbon speakers up to $20K retail price.  I have been attending shows for at least 15 years and have heard a lot of ribbons, but none that sound like this.  I accept cash only at this low price, but price is negotiable.  Shipping is extra.

You can contact me by email at
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Re: Manufacturers reference speakers, only $3500
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Glad you got your Vapors Steve.  If these are anything like how good your server I purchased is, then they are a steal.  Good luck selling these.  I'm sure whoever gets them will be VERY happy for a long time.


Re: Manufacturers reference speakers, only $3500
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