What Does The Digital Amp Revolution Mean To Mankind

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One other point my friend made was that people are waaaaaay stressed out these days.  My comeback was that they would be less stressed out if they spend some time just relaxing to music.  He has cause and effect backward.

Many things i feel have made a decline in the pursuit of "Beauty" but the single most important factor has to be fear and stress, stress has a invisible voice saying beauty is not important, but gearing up for fight or flight is important.

And the intangibles of beauty are so hard to "take by the arm" and make them go and produce where you want them to, and the loss of analog has made beauty even more further away, as you add up the cost of making a CD sound healing.

And to make it even tougher, who would have thought that much of the cure for digital coldness could have been cured by a digital amp, I still can't believe i own one, but it allowed me to at last get music off a CD at a 2000.00 price point instead of a 12,000.00 price point, these amps can save many a life, and helped save mine, cause i was in a real major depression over the soulless sound of digital and the cold beauty-less society, it was making with it's lack of healing.

what's that?, well for many and most, just about the same as a hug, its the same thing that stopped your crying in the cradle, its a reminder we are loved, that the future has a promise in it, that there is a another place if you will look for it, that does you no harm.

This beauty of the world has a invisible voice too, it says we are loved, we deserve unconditionally-life.

It's hard to talk about, you have to go out on a limb, often where someones life has never taken them.
I just showed that in a post about banana plugs, not as a reply to the poster, but speaking of the slippery subject, of beauty.


where i hit it on the head and yet missed it completely, its very hard to convey the diaphanous, gossamer, intuitive, healing, inspiring "important power" of beauty.

Acoustics, harmony, rhythm,  these things are not nuts and bolts to be boxed and sent, beauty is the first victim of stress and emotional hardness in people,  cause it's handling points are so hard to manage and even experience.   

From our world here,  it is hard to believe, but newspaper fact, many folks have known nothing but fear all their lives, it must be understood to even open your self up enough to experience beauty, is for some just not on the life's table, its too dangerous, "feeling" in their lives would be a over load of horrific life experiences that can not be risked, their emotional dam would break.

Numb is now the new "Safe"

If you MRI a poor person's brain, a verbally abused persons brain, a person who has lived in monetary fear all their lives brain, you get the same exact image of someone with a badly healed physical impact brain injury. thats what fear, stress, poverty do.

Their very device that would transport them to lofty heights of great meaning is broken for life, period, read it and weep, its is now a inarguable fact, white paper peer reviewed science has it nailed, but politics and the narcissistic has it as a fantasy.

If anyone wants to spread the beauty of music, they must make the way for a more tranquil living state for others, beauty means nothing to a hardened person who has real reasons to have no time, for safety, grace, or the brain development to even perceive it.

And that starts in many ways in  the cradle with the radio in the next room.

Whats on that radio these days? devotion to your wife? sage advice for living?, the pursuit of love?,   
no, mostly rage, anger, and fear.

Beauty is having her bones dragged thru the streets.

For many beauty has become a joke for fools, just look on the streets at what is honored and what is rejected.

For many beauty has zero meaning, it has become a weakness in a world where only power counts.

Why buy flowers, they don't feed you, they don't pay the rent, keep your husband from abusing you,
feed the kids, insure the future on slave wages.

You can't fight the war of life with a appreciation of grace, harmony and forgiveness, at least in the eyes of the hopelessly broken hearted.

Anyone who wants more beauty in the world must contribute to letting others experience it.
Which often means sharing a little of your wealth and mine.

When i first heard my digital amp playing in the back of a friends store I thought sure as god he had bought a Jeff Rowland, I was "tranced by it" never had i heard so much color in bass and mid range and all that dam digital soul-lessness was gone, DISAPPEARED- how is that????
This "Digital Amp." technology is spreading goodwill towards all mankind, by putting the power of hi-end back in the little guys hands, lets pray it restores the damage done from ever taking it from the little man in the first place.

Harry Pearson read it and jump for joy,
and look out, the same beast that broke the record has cured the disk and it heals the weary, wipes away tears, embraces the best of life and reaffirms hope for just a little money,
its puts the breasts back in the music.

Don't let the little money it costs fool you-life was meant for the average person too, just ask the flowers, the stars, the wind, they all sing for everybody.

I am so happy I have lived to see this revolution.

Grace Ruby

Charles Courtney Curran


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Re: What Does The Digital Amp Revolution Mean To Mankind
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A beautiful piece, Grace. New to the forum (as well as to the Digital Amp Co), I must ask... which particular amp entranced (entrances) you so?