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DAC DAC HS wins Audio Beatnik’s Best of 2017 Award !
« Reply #140 on: 21 Dec 2017, 09:18 pm »
Check it out:

"This DAC from Tommy at Digital Amplifier Company was the first DAC that I found to really be much better than the OPPO 105D in my home system...."

Thanks to The Audio Beatnik for this honor!

-Tommy O

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« Reply #141 on: 22 Dec 2017, 04:07 pm »
Congrats Tommy!!

As I had mentioned early on after receiving my TL-DAC DAC I had thought it so good as to get a product of the year award. Discerning ears are taking note of its shear quality in their systems like I.



« Reply #142 on: 29 Dec 2017, 12:12 am »
New In-Line Maraschino owner review:
"....The resolution they produce is intoxicating. Not just resolution, but dynamics are better too...."
Brad / Atlanta GA

More here:

This post originally had the entire review, but Brad posted it himself after.

Thank you for the compliments, Brad!
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I recently acquired a pair of In-Line Maraschino amps and I was amazed at what those little Cherry boxes could do. The resolution they produce is intoxicating. Not just resolution, but dynamics are better too. I have always been a skeptic of Class D amplification, but I rolled the dice and purchased the Maraschinos because the reviews were 100% consistent – nearly everyone mentioned the black background, improved resolution, and better dynamics, and that’s exactly what I heard, too. I never realized it, but previously, I used my imagination to make corrections in the deficiencies in my system. With the ILMs, the music just flows through my system and my mind can relax – no mental correction is needed because everything sounds like it should.

I realized several years ago in this hobby that one should invest their money in the best designers, not in gear. For instance, I use this philosophy with Danny at GR Research for exceptional, yet affordable speakers. Now I plan to adopt the same approach with Tommy at D.A.C. because he definitely knows what he’s doing. I look forward to the preamp he plans to debut in 2018.


« Reply #144 on: 5 Jan 2018, 11:07 pm »
"....Detail in spades, great tonal balance, imaging, sound stage, deep controlled bass, and exceptional mid-range...."


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"Hi Tommy, Please add me to your list of VERY happy customers. in 1984 as a student in Waterloo Ontario the best speakers I could afford were Stax SR80 electro-static "ear speakers" which I powered with a modest NAD amp. 25 years later I was introduced to the DAC Cherry STM by Steve M from Sarnia. He recommend that the STM and Stax could be a great pairing. He was right. I'm blown away by the new musical dimensions I hear in familiar jazz, piano and classical recordings - its like discovering a whole new universe. Thank you and continued success."
- Paul S. in Ontario


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"I received my DAC DAC HS three days ago and I'm thoroughly impressed by this magical little box. Along with my Maraschino amps, the sound is resplendent. As most others have already mentioned, the key features are a blacker than black background, super detailed, and very dynamic. I had no plans to trade out most of my system, but you can't go wrong with Tommy's designs. It's a major upgrade for me, and prices are very reasonable."


We are honored to receive this award from the audio beatnik:
    Digital Product of the Year ---- DAC DAC High-Spec Version


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"Wait this can't be! :o Detail in spades with tone? No way! No no no way am I hearing this!...."

much more: